Transforming public spaces into a safe, smart and efficient environment

Bizplanet provides a broad spectrum of solutions which have helped refine the national transport infrastructure and kept government assets efficient and secure.

Solutions that keep public organisations on the right track


Surveillance system in LTA Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway tunnel and Central Expressway tunnel

  • Resisting System-wide Signal Loss Ring Networks enable transmission of signals in two ways for users to be confident amid potential breakdowns. This ensures that one cable link failure will not disrupt the functionality of the entire surveillance system. Learn more about Ring Network System
  • Protecting Data IntegrityFirewalls protect facilities and organisations from a potential breach by restricting unknown data source from entering the surveillance system network. Learn more about Networking Security
  • Round-the-clock Network ManagementWith a Network Management System, users can monitor all network equipment of the surveillance network and stay alert and up-to-date for potential failures. Learn more about Network Management System


PUB Command Operation Centre at L18 Environment Building Scotts Road

  • Electrical Efficiency
    Standalone Lutron ESN System using Phase Adaptive Modules were deployed at the Command Centre Office.
  • Energy Saving
    Users can recall the pre-set light levels for scenes (nos. of button depending on user requirement. Lutron have 1-9 & all off buttons keypad) with a touch at the keypad.
  • Easy Integration
    A QS device and AV interface for the integration to the third-party audio-visual system was included in the design, allowing the user to control the lighting and AV system simultaneously.



Surveillance System installed in National Institute of Education

  • Keeping Public Assets Secure Surveillance systems provide 24/7 monitoring and allow videos to be recorded every day for future investigations.
  • Monitoring Vehicles Surveillance systems are also capable of interfacing with an existing parking system to monitor and capture any vehicle’s IU number.
  • Staying alert for potential breach. The surveillance system also interacts with an access control system to capture any instance of trespassing or brute force entry.

Government Linked

Helping create smart and efficient facilities

Bizplanet Solution is a trusted and reliable partner in transforming and modernising government-linked buildings and facilities. The range of solutions that the company provides has paved the way for refined environments that highlight safety, productivity and efficiency, among many others.

Explore how solutions improve government-linked facilities


Multicast Network Solution for PSA Brani Dormitory

Cisco network switches power the Multicast Star Network at PSA Brani Dormitory. Together with copper and fibre optic network cables, the whole network system delivers a broad range of unrivalled network performance which caters to the buildings’ unique needs.


Centralised lighting control and energy management system for SMRT Singapore’s Headquarters

  • Electrical efficiency
    Lutron Quantum, a centralised lighting control and energy management system contains a Light Management Hub with a software umbrella called Quantum Vue.
    Installed in a server, Lutron Quantum ties to its most complete line of lighting controllers such as Dali, 0-10V dimming modules and QS devices. It allows users to control, set levels and tune individual lights from a graphical floor plan.
    Troubleshoot problems quickly by identifying fixtures that have raised alerts. These alerts can pinpoint the exact location as well as the nature of concern. It can include improperly functioning equipment, low sensor batteries, lamp outages, and more.
  • Energy saving
    Wireless motion sensors were deployed for all office common areas and meeting rooms for automatic on and off switching or scene lighting pre-setting. Users can recall the pre-set light levels with a touch at the keypad or auto scheduling through the built-in timer.
  • Seamless integration
    Lutron Quantum System seamlessly and reliably integrate all lightings with a Building Management System (BMS), delivering a total and superior building performance as well as the right environment, on every project.


Surveillance System for PSA Operations

  • Managing work remotely
    The PTZ camera on PSA Quay Crane enables crane operators to control and monitor their work without the need to be physically present at their worksite.
  • Enhancing the safety of operations
    Operators utilise a camera system that’s capable of zooming for at least 100 meters. This further improves the way operators manage worksites remotely, ultimately enhancing the safety of operations.
  • Ensuring a secure environment
    The installation of a camera system at the PSA Gate to interface with the PSA Terminal Gate System allows users to monitor and control vehicle access, all while being able to recognise the vehicle’s IU and container number.

Private Sector

Enriching experiences in private properties

Clients in the private sector are known to have unique and varying needs than any other. Bizplanet’s strong knowledge and experience make it easy for private organisations and homeowners to have the technology and environment that they want, regardless of its complexity.

Solutions that elevate private facilities


Data Network Communication Systems

Juniper Networks network switches are used to set up a surveillance system network in Temasek Polytechnic, allowing improved resistance against potential attacks on data integrity.


Lutron HomeWorks System at The Orchard Residences

Lutron HomeWorks System is a lighting control solution designed for home applications. It provides a significant amount of energy savings while delivering a seamless home experience.

The system, which can be found on some units in the 54-storey Orchard Residences enables sophisticated interiors to complement a lighting environment that creates the perfect scenes and full integration: intelligent shades and beautiful lights — all working harmoniously along with temperature controls from a single keypad.


Keeping private assets secure

Banks and other private financial institutions are always prone to security risks. This is why surveillance systems are widely implemented and still in high demand in high-risk sectors.

Branches of Citibank in Singapore are no exception. To ensure round-the-clock security to its people and assets, Bizplanet installed Edge Network Video Recorders where authorities can playback recordings in case of an unfortunate event. Additionally, Surveillance Systems with Facial Recognition were also applied to ATM branches to minimise fraud.

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