Spirit of Research and Innovation

Sprinx, an Italian software with powerful innovative deep learning present in over 15 countries worldwide and provided over 8,000 video analyses and one of the few players driven the solutions for intelligent monitoring of the people and vehicles mobility in the Traffic and Transportation industries.

Sprinx Technologies offers a complete and professional solution for Automatic Incident Detection (A.I.D.) and Traffic Data Collection. The powerful and innovative Deep Leaning module combined with the 3D object tracking technology has significantly enhanced the ability to collect statistical data and automatically detect events.

Traffic Events & Alarms Traffic Data Collection
  • Stopped Vehicle
  • Slowdown & Congestion/Queue
  • Wrong Way Driver
  • Pedestrian
  • Loss of Visibility / Smoke
  • Spilled Cargo
  • Vehicle Counting & Classification
  • Traffic Density
  • Average Speed
  • Average Time Gap between Vehicles
  • Average Distance between Vehicles
  • Origin/Destination Matrix

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