Architecture Dimming Systems

Lutron Energi Savr Node (Standalone ESN)

Maximum energy efficiency for lower maintenance costs

Standalone lighting control solution designed for retrofits and new commercial applications. Programmable modules and its QS devices such as sensors and wall controls work together to save energy and improve comfort and productivity. Each module can be installed locally, removing the need to run control wires to a centralised panel for lower maintenance costs and higher flexibility.

The system also has the ability to utilise wireless sensors. Its controls allow for the simple addition of energy strategies like occupancy or vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting. Lighting can be pre-set at optimum levels and integrated with third-party audio-visual systems, allowing users to control both simultaneously.

Lutron Quantum System (QS)

Seamless and reliable integration of all lightings with Building Management System (BMS)

Centralised lighting control and energy management system solution. Control, manage, monitor and adjust all the light in space to create the right environment and right time on the project.

Lutron QS is designed to accommodate a wide variety of lighting control requirements with embedded smart technology that delivers actionable data, simplifying building operation and optimising building performance. It provides facility managers and owners the ability to collect and manage data that drives building decisions, simplifies and speeds system adjustments, and maximises building value.

Lutron HomeWorks System

Energy savings with unparalleled total home control

Lutron HomeWorks System is a lighting control solution designed for exclusive homes. It easily integrates with third-party manufacturers, with energy savings as the key benefit.

Control lights, blinds, audio-visual equipment and temperature from a single keypad. Lutron HomeWorks System integrates with iPhone, iPad and Android devices so that users can easily check lights, blinds and HVAC on the go.

Powering this system are dimmer controllers that are 0-10V, phase adaptive, switching (on/off) and Dali load types, as well as its QS devices such as wireless sensors, contact closure interface and range of keypads. These components were connected to a HomeWorks QS processor, the heart of the system that makes flexible and convenient light automation possible.

Architecture Dimming Systems in Action

Lutron Standalone ESN at
  • Sofitel Singapore City Centre
  • Katong Hotel
  • NTU Lecture Theatre North & South Spine

Lutron Quantum System at

  • HSBC at MBFC T2 L44-L50 & MBC L11 Pasir Panjang Road
  • PWC Singapore Office at Marina One East Tower
  • Funan IT Mall (New)

Lutron HomeWorks System at

  • Duo Penthouse Units Beach Road, Level 49
  • The Orchard Residences, Level 38
  • Marina Boulevard Apartment, Level 43

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