Surveillance System

Hybrid Surveillance

Scale while staying within the budget

Upgrade existing systems without going over the budget. Hybrid systems allow existing analogue camera systems to connect with more modern IP cameras. It also enables existing analogue systems to connect to IP Network Recording Systems, all while having the flexibility to enhance the system over time, with minimum cabling work involved.


  • Economical

  • Retrofittable

  • Easily Scalable

Full IP Surveillance

Cutting-edge surveillance

Embrace better image quality with progressive scan and megapixel sensors. Migrate from one camera to thousands and efficiently integrate new systems over time. With its excellent picture quality, scalability and total cost of ownership, Full IP Surveillance is proven to be a far superior option than any other analogue surveillance system around.

Surveillance Systems in Action

National Institute of Education

  • Keeps assets secure
  • Records surveillance videos for potential investigation
  • Captures any trespassing or entry by force
  • Captures vehicles’ IU number

PSA Quay Crane

  • Enables remote monitoring and control
  • Enhances the safety of operations
  • Optical zoom for up to hundred meters away

LTA Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway and Central Expressway Tunnels

  • Enables remote monitoring of traffic
  • Enables efficient rescue operations
  • Scalable video recording system
  • Fail-safe system and design


  • Superior Image Quality

  • Wireless Connectivity

  • Flexible Video Storage, Viewing and Management

  • Minimised Security & Interference Issues

  • Constant Enhancement of Features & Performance

  • Unified Network Environment

  • Multiple User Access

  • Video Analytics

  • Easy Integration

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