Unified Solution for Improving Awareness, Safety and Driving Efficiency

Situational Intelligence Solutions (SIS) combines the power of multiple systems to provide real-time, useful and accurate assessments for a better decision-making process.

Unified Dashboard for Better Visibility

Maximise analysis, response, investigation and other activities with a common operating picture. The Situational Intelligence Solutions offers an open, intuitive and collaborative platform and centralised system that suit any organisation’s existing SOPs for guaranteed efficiency.

Scalable and extensible security

Utilise a platform that can expand alongside your organisation’s growth. The unified Situational Intelligence Solutions allows for easy expansions so you can continue to collaborate and optimise workflows as you need.

Optimise security operations

Simplify investigations and expedite responses with a platform that increases operational efficiency. Intellicene’s product allows you to experience a better Return on Investment brought by instant field communication, status updates and operator collaboration features, all in one solution.

Connecting Systems and People

With the wide range of features housed in the Situational Intelligence Solutions, operators from across organisations will find it easy to collaborate with each other in connecting disparate systems for all phases of situation management.

Upgrade your system for those on-the-go

Partner the platform with a dispatch and mobile extension to unlock unrivalled capabilities for those on the frontlines of critical events.

Future-proof your situational awareness experience today
Situational Intelligence Solutions allows for predictive, real-time, efficient and compliant situation management across organisations. Experience a lower-cost, future-proofed security infrastructure with a truly functional and intuitive platform unlike any other.

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  • Efficient Response and Notification

  • Real-time Situation Awareness

  • Effective Incident Reconstruction and Debriefing

  • Preventive Intelligence

  • Intuitive Dashboard Visualisation

  • Better Planning and Compliance

A more effective way to manage your security operations

Symphia™ Video Management Software (VMS) streamlines video security operations to help you digest the vast volume of video and data captured.

Powerful software

VMS features powerful and fully integrated video management tools that empower organisations to achieve their security and operational goals.

Flexible Video Viewing Anywhere

Maximise your video viewing experience and perform fast, insightful investigations with the Symphia™ VMS. Features include:

  • Effective Video Routing with Symphia™ VMS Virtual Matrix
  • Flexible Symphia™ VMS Viewing Applications: Review, WebReview, Mobile Video
  • Powerful Streaming Support
  • Live Video Viewing Accelerated with GPU Decoding
  • Lighter and Faster Video Activity Scan for Forensic Investigation of Video
  • Powerful Investigation Management for quick turnaround of evidentiary video

Seamless Video Management

With the VMS’s control centre, you can easily manage videos and maximise security. Powerful features allow for unrivalled performance, letting you do more in one sitting.

  • Easy System Administration through an Intuitive Central Console
  • Reliable System Security
  • Real-time System Health Monitoring
  • Seamless Coordination of Precise Security Response with Event Manager

Create a robust video network with VMS

Symphia™ VMS promotes a more proactive approach to security and emergency management. With reliable and robust features, it can help you address a wide range of strategic video challenges so that your organisation and do more and achieve more.

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  • Live Preview and Playback

  • Video Timeline Enhanced Playback Control

  • Interactive Map Display

  • Seamless Intelligence through Symphia Video Surveillance Analytics

  • Integration with Licence Plate Recognition and Verint’s Facedetect Recognition Solution

  • Edge Storage Support for SD Cards within the Camera

  • IP Intercom and Help Point Integration

  • Recording Resiliency with Redundancy and Failover Options

Video-based Command and Control

Symphia™ One is the heart of the unified security command centre for mission critical environments. Transform your organisation’s response methodologies with intelligent data-driven security management powered by one cost-effective solution.

Smart Response, Powered by Intelligent Decisions

Symphia™ One enables video integration in a dynamic and map-based interface, ensuring you can implement decisions and actions based on correlated data, rather than on video alone.

Manage Alarms Faster and More Effectively

Achieve faster response with sophisticated alarm management tools and deliver actionable intelligence to properly manage events and render actions.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Unify existing security systems on an open platform structure. Symphia™ One enables simpler daily security operations powered by accurate visualisation, effective response and investigation as well as improved operational efficiency.

Faster, More Comprehensive Investigations

Eliminate the need for manual collection and evaluation of multi-system data and sensors. Gain the advantage of an advanced search engine and be privy to a visual representation of data gathered from video sources and integrated systems.

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